I’m an experienced biologist who has transitioned into the field of bioinformatics. I focus on preserving the integrity of data and the reproducibility of biological analyses and have decided to chronicle my undertakings in bioinformatics while focusing on these concepts, hoping to share valuable insights and helpful resources with the wider community.

Programming Languages/Frameworks/Tools:

I primarily utilize R and Python as my languages of choice for bioinformatics analysis. There are many great languages out there that would be suited for bioinformatics but the ecosystems and communities around R and Python have become an integral feature that keeps them at the forefront.

There are some special tools such as the Common Workflow Language and container software such as Docker or Singularity that will also be very present in articles here.

Non programming/workflow tools such as note taking tools, web interfaces and public databaes will also find their way here.

Projects and Code Snippets:

I will try to use real world examples with real data sets. I also have made a section just for plots and figures so that I can share in a clear way how I have generated a specific graphic.

Customized Template:

While I initially started with the hello-friend-ng template for Hugo, I’ve personalized it to reflect my style, preferences and needs.


The flustered moose, was contributed by the talented artist Meeksp, this character certainly has an expression that we’ve all gone through. Learning isn’t always easy and sometimes even the first steps can get us feeling dizzy.


I will be trying to put out posts at least twice per month.